Top 5 Favorite Mid Century Modern Designs

Whether you are a seasoned collector of mid century modern furniture, or still relatively new to the acquisition game, you might be somewhat flummoxed about the hefty price tags attached to the quintessential pieces.

The world-renowned designers Miller, Saarinen, and Eames define and emphasize mid century modern furniture culture, and their continued popularity nearly 60 years later highlights the timeless appeal of their wares.

One of the most noticeable features of mid century modern furniture is the sleek, streamlined, clean lines which make the pieces look simple, elegant, and well-defined. If you are wondering just how and where to invest …

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Southampton builds eco-friendly and modular?

Re4a’s new home, overlooking Peconic Bay in the Hampton’s, uses its own solar and geo-thermal energy and sells the excess back to the grid, acting as its own power plant. As if that was not enough, the house demonstrates a cutting edge design and efficiency not often seen on the gold coast of Long Island.
green buildinggreen buildinggreen buildinggreen building

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>> acapulco chair

I think I first laid eyes on an Acapulco chair ($ 350+) earlier this year when I was writing a story about a Los Feliz couple who had white ones in their back yard. The chair, which is based on Mayan hammock weaving technology, was designed in the 1950s and has been a huge hit in Mexico. They’re great for outdoor space but could work indoors as well. Another good online resource is Greenpoint Works in Brooklyn.

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Charles de Lisle Workshop :: Interior Design

Based out of San Francisco, interior designer Charles de Lisle puts his 25 years of creative experience (in the fields of ceramics, metalwork, furniture, product design, decoration and interiors..!) to work creating uniquely beautiful spaces. My favorite is the William Wurster Ranch he worked on in Portola Valley, California. The warm, mid-century styling mixes well with newer, contemporary pieces as well as a few arts and crafts touches. I’m absolutely mad about the kitchen, though, as well as that AMAZING light fixture in the dining room. Be sure to check out the rest of his portfolio if you get a …

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Retro Renewal – Atomic Indy

What would you do if you happened upon a yard full of discarded freebies? Blog cohort Baz over at Atomic Indy just sent me this really cool lighting DIY. While on his usual side street cruzing he came upon this yard full of freebies and snagged this cool retro Sony TV. Make the jump to see what became of this discarded gem.

modern diy lighting thrifting retro light lamp

modern diy lighting thrifting retro light lamp

modern diy lighting thrifting retro light lamp

modern diy lighting thrifting retro light lamp

modern diy lighting thrifting retro light lamp

modern diy lighting thrifting retro light lamp

modern diy lighting thrifting retro light lamp

As you can see the discarded TV became a very cool lamp/picture frame.

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House V by Jakob Bader Architecture

Jakob Bader Architecture have designed the House V in Munich-Unterfoehring, Germany.


House V by Jakob Bader Architecture

House V is a large house on a small plot of land and an even smaller budget. On the outside it is very red and on the inside very raw. The house is well insulated and includes a geothermal pump and air-handling system minimising operation and maintenance costs. House V is not specifically an “Environmental” house but rather just simple and smart.

Arrival at House V is from the South. Cars are not hidden away in a garage but displayed under the …

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Small Space Desk: Swiss Army Desk


Lately I’ve been on a binge for any useful object that “closes up”. It’s nice to have the ability to uncluttered your space by shutting the doors on it, like the Kitchen Armoire below.

I’ve had my eye on these portable desks for some time now. There is something inherently masculine about utilitarian military objects. The Swiss Army Desk is no exception.

The desk is a small footlocker-sized box that opens to reveal a writing surface and some shelving. They are perfect size for students, and you can toss it in the car and take it home with you on …

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