Hard To Find

Lushpad – Pair of 1961 Charles & Ray Eames La Fonda Armchairs.

These chairs have never been my favorite Eames pieces – something about them makes them seem as if they were put together using leftovers from other projects – but compared to a lot of the dreck flooding the so-called “modern” market today, they are still works of genius. These have been at Lushpad since mid-summer, priced quite reasonably at $ 700 for the pair. I’m surprised somebody hasn’t grabbed them. As I say, they are fairly hard to come by.

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Easy Peasy – Just Ask

LivingEtc: Child size Eames rocker?

My son has just had his first birthday and I was thinking of using some of the money he got to buy a child size Eames rocker for his bedroom as I have seen various other designer chairs in mini sizes. But I can’t find one. Anyone got any ideas?

Sure. I dunno if Herman Miller ever actually made any, but you can get one from Vitra that looks pretty good today:

You’re welcome.

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Zevon :: Passive modern in SLC

In our ever increasing desire to follow quality local modern projects, we are adding yet another construction project to our group. The Zevon house currently under construction is located in the Wasatch Range and was designed by Dave Brach of Brach Design. Dave has a great eye for design, and a passion for green building. The Zevon house is expected to meet 3 of the 4 criteria for a Certified Passive House (cooling demand, total energy demand and air tightness) which is amazing considering the location. The only criteria it will come up a little short on is heat …

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Proud Mary :: Textiles

Based in South Carolina, Proud Mary is a textile company that firmly believes in the idea that good design can and should solve problems. From this motto, the socially conscious company works in conjunction with artisans in developing nations to provide a source of income as well as high quality goods. The product line consists of napkins, pillows, totes, and purses, all in bold, colorful patterns. My favorite print is “Quill”, a beautiful blue fabric that is hand-printed using potatoes in a small cooperative outside of Cape Town, South Africa.

Textiles by Proud Mary: $ 15 – $ 110

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Frands’ in High Places

Love, love, love the ball pendant lights by Frandsen.  I’ll take two of any colour pictured.

I also love the wall lamp version:

I think the orange and green are the most stunning… and the yellow… and the red…
I also fancy the bilbao style (also by Frandsen):

Thanks again to Retro-To-Go for yet another heads up.

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Totem Votive Set

I love the simplicity and natural beauty of this Totem Votive set! Modular by design, you can stack and arrange to your heart’s content. Imagine the impact of multiple sets clustered together! Beautiful.

Made from natural beech wood. Designed by Eric Janssen.

Totem Votive Set available from the MoMA Store: $ 26

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Maraschiello on MCM

An Interview with 20th Century Decorative Arts and Mid Century Modern Expert Frank Maraschiello | Collectors Weekly

Frank Maraschiello is the vice president of the 20th-Century Decorative Arts department at Bonham’s, New York. Recently we spoke with Maraschiello about Mid-century Modern design, from George Nelson’s famous marshmallow couch to Eames chairs to the furniture of George Nakashima.

Mid-century Modern used the technology of mass production to produce good-looking pieces of furniture out of the latest materials. A number of these materials became commonplace after World War II, so the idea was to make things affordable. These were not “custom-made pieces.” …

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The Green Office

The home office is a growing phenomenon in today’s modern home renovation. Architect/designer Michelle Kaufmann, dedicated to affordable, sustainable design practices, has some easy, topical tips for greening up your office space. “Start with those office supplies.” She recommends The Green Office, for sourcing post-consumer recycled paper among other supplies/products, that include eco-friendly furniture and lighting fixtures.
green office supplies

green office supplies

green office supplies

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